Power Jet Wash Cleaning

Power Jet Wash Cleaning

Power Jet Washing to Clean Drains………..Simple eh?

Many people think it’s straight forward to clean drains by simply rodding them or using a high powered jet washer. The worrying aspect of rodding is they can snap, break or worse still, cause more damage to the drain or pipes and cause an even worse blockage than before. Once the rods have broken off then there’s a major problem to retrieving the piece without calling a drain cleaning company such as Complete Drainage.

DIY jet washers and High Powered Karcher washers sound like the perfect problem solver for blocked drains, it’s usually after a customer has tried these measures that the call comes through to us and we attend to assess the situation and the potential damage. It’s very rare we won’t solve your blocked drains or rod retrieving methods so calling Complete drainage is a solving call to unblocking drains.



Hydro Jetting is a term used for this drain cleaning method, due to it’s various methods but the head used with our professional cleaning methods are very different as the water jetted to the end of the rod cuts into the side of the pipes, cleaning as it goes and cutting through the waste blocked and clogged in the pipework. If all drains were cleaned this way on an annual basis we would hardly ever have any drainage issues.

Early signs of a blockage is slow draining water from sinks or shower cubicles, if a domestic household cleaning product does not resolve or speed up the water draining away then it could be fat/waste/tissue/paper build-up and the water is taking it’s time to soak away through the blocked pipes. It could be a week, month or maybe years before it becomes a major issue but prevention is usually better than cure when it comes to drains and pipes.

our Drain cleaning services in Buckinghamshire cover the region and 365 days a year, 24/7 so if you do get any drainage problems then feel free to call Complete Drainage for a non-obligatory FREE QUOTE.

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