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CCTV Drain Surveys in and around Buckinghamshire

CCTV drain inspection – making use of cameras to identify blockages in drains or sewers. Drain surveys are for identifying the location and cause of a blocked drain or sewer before embarking on drain repair or replacement.

Drain surveys can also be used to check the condition of a property’s drains prior to purchase. If a surveyor has flagged up a possible problem due to damp issues or proximity of a tree, we can perform a CCTV drain survey and report on their condition. If any drain problems are found we can also provide a quote to resolve the drain issue although damage to the property will need to be assessed by your surveyor or a qualified builder.

Full CCTV Drain Survey £250.00

If you have a blocked drain and the cause of the blockage isn’t obvious to our technicians, you will need to have a drain survey. Here at Complete Drainage we can carry out a full drain survey using CCTV for £250. You will get a complete report and CD/DVD disc showing you the condition of your drainage system. Being able to do a complete drain inspection using state of the art camera systems allows us to determine the exact location of any drain problems before any costly and disruptive excavations need to be carried out.

A drain survey can reveal some of the following:

  • Cracked/Damaged pipes – Cracked or damaged pipes will lead to no end of problems. Leaking pipes can often lead to subsidence around the pipe which in turn leads to the actual drain collapsing.
  • Collapsed drains – Long term leaking can lead to collapsed drains as can poor installation in the first place. Collapsed drains are usually easily identified and more common than you may think.
  • Incorrectly installed drains – Sometimes we come across drainage systems that have been poorly installed. Our CCTV evidence will be able to show you any problems regarding incorrectly or poorly installed drains.
  • Tree roots – Tree roots are a very common problem with drains. Roots on trees seek out moisture and will find any cracks or faults in drains. Once the roots enter the drain other material will get caught in them, making blockages far more likely and frequent.

If you require a CCTV drain survey or inspection in Buckinghamshire or the surrounding area for your business premises or home, please contact us:

CCTV drain survey in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas

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